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Low-Cost Tooth Whitening London

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available today.

Over time, our teeth become discoloured and stained by constant exposure to foods and drinks like tea, coffee, red wine, soy sauce, citrus fruits, and other dark-coloured substances.

The good news is, that there are now several professional teeth whitening techniques available to enhance the natural whiteness of your teeth.

All the teeth whitening options we offer involve taking an accurate and detailed impression of your teeth and producing custom-made whitening trays, with which you can easily administer the powerful gel formula in the comfort of your home.

These gels contain small amounts of peroxide which bleach the tooth enamel in a controlled way to whiten your teeth gradually and safely.

Teeth whitening on its own cannot address other cosmetic problems such as chips, metal fillings, or misaligned teeth.

We often combine teeth whitening with other cosmetic techniques such as veneers or orthodontic treatment to improve the overall appearance of your teeth, a procedure we call a “smile makeover.”

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Tooth whitening agents

All our teeth whitening products can achieve excellent results when applied correctly under the care and guidance of our experienced and knowledgeable dental and healthcare professionals.

While many teeth whitening products are available over-the-counter or online, the only people authorised to administer teeth whitening treatments in the UK are dentists registered with the General Dental Council.

Mint Dental Clinic is registered with the General Dental Council and complies with strict guidelines regarding the provision of teeth whitening services.

Mint Dental Clinic offers:

What exactly is involved in teeth whitening and how long will it take?

First, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and gums. They then send this mould to a laboratory to have a customised whitening tray made for you, into which you will insert teeth whitening gel using a syringe.

The length of time you will wear whitening your tray depends on the product and formula you choose. Some only need to be worn for an hour or two each day, while others are worn overnight.

Patients for whom it is not convenient to use the product during the day often opt for a night-time treatment, as do patients with sensitive teeth, as overnight whitening treatments usually use a gentler formula.

Which teeth whitening method is the best?

Home Whitening is the best in terms of long-lasting excellent results. We have two systems we use which work quite similarly. The best teeth whitening method for you can be decided during a Free Consultation.

Your dentist will discuss the details of each product with you when you have your initial teeth whitening assessment and, in partnership with them, you can make an informed decision on which method is best for you.

How much whiter will my teeth be after my teeth whitening procedure?

The whitening results of each product do vary slightly, but your dentist can give you an idea of the kind of shade you can achieve with your chosen method at your assessment.

Results very much depend on the initial tone of your teeth, how long you use the treatment, and how long you wear your whitening tray each day.

However, there are safety limits when using teeth whitening products. You should not exceed the maximum wear time of your specific product in an attempt to achieve more noticeable results.

Enlighten Evolution™ guarantees patients can achieve Vita shade B1, which could be up to 16 shades lighter than your current tooth shade.

How long will the whitening effect last?

This largely depends on how you care for your newly lightened smile in the months and years following your treatment.

If you smoke or consume foods and drinks known to stain teeth such as tea, coffee, and red wine, your whitening results may not last as long.

To increase the longevity of your results, you can purchase a specially designed whitening toothpaste created by the same company that makes your teeth whitening system to keep your teeth white and bright for as long as possible.

How safe is the treatment?

The General Dental Council has deemed all the teeth whitening products we use to be safe.

The team of dental professionals at Mint Dental Clinic are all qualified to administer these treatments, having undergone thorough training on each of the teeth whitening services we offer.

Your dentist will conduct an in-depth assessment of your teeth and gums to check your suitability for the treatment before you begin, ensuring your safety.

Will I experience any discomfort?

A common side effect of teeth whitening treatments is sensitivity or increased discomfort for those already suffering from sensitive teeth.

The teeth whitening products we use contain ingredients to mitigate tooth sensitivity.

Boutique Whitening contains potassium nitrate, a desensitising agent, while Enlighten Evolution™’s whitening kits include a tube of the company’s Tooth Serum toothpaste, which also contains potassium nitrate and desensitising swabs.

Will teeth whitening eliminate all discolouration from my teeth?

Teeth whitening techniques are effective on sound enamel to slightly worn enamel, but they are ineffective against discolouration from decay, root damage, heavily worn enamel, or the staining effects of some antibiotics.

Other cosmetic dental treatments may be more appropriate in addressing these issues such as veneers, crowns, or replacing amalgam fillings with white ones.

Your dentist will discuss the options available to you that meet your needs and goals.

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