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Dental Referrals in South East London

The Right Care in the Right Place!

When referred to Mint Dental, we aim to ensure new patients see the right clinical team at the right time and in an appropriate environment.

Our clinic in Elephant & Castle, London, employs an award-winning specialist team who provide exceptional, professional care in a modern, safe environment.

Our dental care helps complement the skills of general practitioners across London, with particular areas of focus being implantology and orthodontics.

Make a dental referral to us.

Urgent referrals to specialist dentists

Once our staff receive your referral, they will aim to process it within 24 hours unless it is an emergency. For emergency referrals, please telephone the practice on 020 7928 4474.

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What can we do for London patients?

We’ll work hand in hand with you to deliver success for your patients whilst partnering with your practice to provide a service you’ll be happy to stand behind.

Referrals we accept:

With Mint Dental, your patient will never have to wait for an appointment or be in pain. For your patient’s convenience, we provide emergency dental appointments and services accessible in the evenings and weekends.

You can refer a patient to Mint Dental if they require:

  1. Specialist advice regarding their oral health, including prevention and effective treatment planning.
  2. As part of a course of treatment that can be completed by their dental practitioners (shared care).
  3. A single course of treatment.
  4. Current treatment care and all future ongoing oral health needs and issues.

Our specialist dentists

  1. DR. BRYAR KOYI: Specialist Periodontist and Implants
  2. DR DIPESH PATEL: Consultant & Specialist Oral Surgeon
  3. DR. FRANCESCA PANTANALI: Specialist Orthodontist
  4. DR. NISHMA PATEL: Specialist Oral Surgeon

Meet our exceptional dental team here.

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Refer with ease – how to submit a referral

When referring a patient to our dental practice, please provide any relevant information and X-rays taken within the last 12 months (with the date visible). We would appreciate it if each x-ray had the following visual:

  • Patient’s name, gender
  • Date of birth, home address and contact details
  • Side of mouth and exposure date

Sending through information this way can make the process quicker for your patient to get the treatment they need.

Once we have received all that correct information, one of our specialising consultants will be able to review your patient’s case and begin to organise the appropriate next steps for treatment.

We take data security very seriously and work within guidelines prepared by governing bodies to ensure all personal patient information is always kept secure.

Our staff are appropriately trained on information governance.

Information we need from referring dentists

  1. Referrer details; referrer name and practice information
  2. Contact details like work telephone, email address and practice address
  3. The reason for referral
  4. What you require from our specialist services or what treatment you are requesting
  5. Your diagnosis and any clinical history
  6. Patient symptoms and any treatments prescribed for the condition

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Tracking your referral

As practising dentists, we know that it’s essential that you remain up to date and well informed of your patient’s progress and referral.

We can provide you with a unique reference number (URN), which you can use to check up on your patient at any time.

When we discharge the patient back into your care, you can expect to have all the necessary information, techniques used and any post-operative care advice.

Why dentists trust Mint Dental Clinic

  • Super-fast appointment
  • Complex treatments treated daily
  • Specialist team with an incomparable experience
  • Moderately and affordably priced

Skip the queue

The fastest way is to call and speak to us – tell us where your patient lives, and we can provide you with all the necessary information you will require to make a referral, track its progress and manage it.

Call 020 7928 4474.


  • Who can I refer? Both adults and children for restorative, orthodontic or cosmetic dental work.
  • How to refer? Either call the practice on 020 7928 4474 or use the form above.
  • How fast for an appointment? We can provide immediate appointments based on clinical needs.
  • Can I send a referral through the post? Our postal address is FAO Mint Dental Clinic / Referral, 3 St. Georges Court, Garden Row, Elephant & Castle, London SE1 6HD.

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