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Philips Zoom Whitening

Philips Zoom Whitening uses a special LED technology that is 40% more effective than alternative non-light activated systems, which achievers a whiter, healthier-looking smile.

Using the Philips Zoom in-office whitening treatment, our dentists can brighten your teeth up to six to eight shades lighter in an hour (clinically proven) – there are even some patient cases, where teeth have brightened up to 10 shades lighter.

At-home versions of the Philips Zoom whitening solution are available in various strengths, with results being most noticeable after two weeks of wear – making this brightening solution one of the most effective in the industry. 

Choose from in-practice or take-home professional whitening treatments.

Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening whitens up to 6 shades whiter

What it costs

Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening prices vary from in-chair (with a dentist) solutions to at-home treatments. More.

How it works

Patients recommend Philips because of the fast, long-lasting results it achieves. See how it works. More.

The process

The tooth whitening procedure is fairly simple and completed in one hour at the practice. More.

Dental advice

What you should do to keep your teeth whiter and brighter for longer. More.

Pay only £58.33pm (0%)

Prices for Philips Zoom Whitening will vary depending if you would like in-office results, or prefer to carry out your treatment at home.

Our standard price for the tooth whitening solution is £695, which will cover the cost of your appointments, custom mould, whitening agent and final tweaks.

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Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening whitens up to 6 shades whiter

The facts

  • In-office whitening whitens teeth in just an hour (Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed).
  • Final effects seen more visibly three days later.
  • Twice as many users reported no sensitivity issues.
  • Take-home kits available and designed to be easy to use.
  • At-home trays need to be worn 30 minutes a day for two weeks.
  • Clinically shown to reduce fade-back and sensitivity.
  • Take-home trays are custom fitted by your dentist.
  • In-office appointments whiten teeth in less time than your lunch break.
  • Effectively eliminates discoloration and stains.

When whitening your teeth always consult a dental professional as potential side effects could irritate your gums or cause sensitive teeth.

See the difference (Professional results)

The standard process for tooth whitening with Philips Zoom:

  • Book a check-up: We’ll discuss how bright you want your smile to get and then assess your oral health to see if you’ll be a great candidate for tooth whitening gels and solutions. If all checks out, we’ll take impressions to provide you with custom moulds.
  • It’s time to whiten: If you’re whitening in-office with us, we will place a shield to protect your gums then paint the whitening product on top of your teeth. The final step is to use the Philips Zoom! lamp to active the solution.
  • Protect and maintain: When it’s time to leave, we’ll provide you with a top-up kit, which you can use when your teeth begin to fade. We’ll also clue you in to all the tips and tricks to maintain the whiteness of your smile and fight stains.

For patients preferring to carry out their treatment in private, our whitening kits allow patients to whiten their teeth at home under the professional guidance of our trained and qualified cosmetic dentists.

Your at-home kits include custom-fitting trays that resemble retainers, of which you’ll apply the whitening gel to and wear for a total of 30 minutes daily for 14 days.

We’ll then also likely reinvite you back into the practice to check out the results and make any last adjustments to ensure your smile has lightened perfectly and as planned.

However, please note, even if you want to carry out your treatments at home, you’ll still need to consult with one of our dentists prior to see if you are suitable for this kind of treatment.

Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening is perfect for patients who don’t want to waste time wearing custom trays for two weeks.

Instead, patients can achieve a smile up to six shades whiter in just one hour at the practice, which is ideal for patients who want whiter teeth more quicky.

Plus, you’ll also get the reassurance of being in the safe hands of one our teeth whitening dentists.

Patients will also receive top-up trays to use at home, which will help you maintain your brighter smile for longer. During your appointment, we will explain and show you how to use these.

New patients

Become a new patient of Mint Dental Clinic in SE1 for only £95, which includes your first comprehensive examination and scans.

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Tooth whitening advice

  • It’s recommended by professionals that you do not do Zoom whitening treatments more than once a year.
  • Teeth will be white for approximately six to twelve months, given that you maintain and look at your smile appropriately. 
  • Following the procedure, be aware that your teeth will continue brighten over the next two weeks.
  • Some patients might be concerned that their teeth still appear yellow after the procedure – it doesn’t mean that it didn’t work, results can take up two weeks to appear, or it might be that you need more than one session for total benefits. However, this will all depend on a dentist’s recommendation as deep bleaching might be required if it’s your dentition causing yellowness.
  • Beware of certain foods and follow “the white diet” which asks you to avoid substances like coffee, red wine, dark tea etc. You’ll be required to follow a strict diet 48 hours after whitening.


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Andrew Forysth
Andrew Forysth
4 years a customer and always professional yet friendly service. Corrected my major issues (fillings/caps) and while they're keen to ensure ongoing 'perfect teeth' they don't hard sell peripheral / optional treatments. Highly recommended
Lucy MacCarthy
Lucy MacCarthy
I was looking for somewhere with a personal touch, that I could trust and that’s what I got at Mint. They always remember my name and are so polite. After a year of zoom meetings I really wanted my teeth to be straight and the results completely surpassed my expectations. I now feel comfortable taking photos! The team explained everything clearly (I felt I could ask anything multiple times) appointments were always organised and it was a really easy, worthwhile process. My teeth look like my teeth but are now at their best.
Jack Bell
Jack Bell
The clinic is a really lovely place to visit - it is extremely clean and all of the staff are very friendly. They were kind and reassuring all the way through my Invisalign treatment - as well as having amazing technology at their disposal. Dr Imran is so accommodating and kept everything simple, addressing any concerns straight away. All in all I would definitely recommend Mint Dental Clinic, a lovely experience all round.
Mitos Sangil
Mitos Sangil
Dr Patel has done very good job. He explains the procedure very well. He is very skilled. Staff are very friendly and accommodative. I booked for emergency procedure and the team are so quick to respond. The clinic is also very clean. Over all , I highly recommend Mint Clinic in St Georges road to everyone who gets problem with their teeth. 👏👏👏👍👍👍
Cesar Vicente
Cesar Vicente
Amazing experience at Mint dental clinic. Dr R Patel best dentist that has worked on my teeth.He explained all the treatment and has lots of experience. The staff is very friendly and very welcoming. They make you feel right at home. Assistant is very professional and very personable. Really happy with my Invisalign journey and the result.
Charlotte Fox
Charlotte Fox
Best dentist I’ve ever had! Have completed a year of Invisalign with Dr Patel and he has been so reassuring and kind throughout. From the reception staff to hygenists they really go above and beyond to make you feel looked after and special. I couldn’t recommend them enough!
Thomas Geoffrey
Thomas Geoffrey
Over the past six years Dr Raj and Preanka and all of the team at Mint have been exceptional. Every member of the team is exemplary at their expertise and I've never felt in better hands at the dentist. Affordable and top of the range, I would recommend them to anyone.
Mose Aitch
Mose Aitch
Excellent dental practice. A very smartly turned-out surgery. Staff are polite and very professional. I am impressed with the modern teeth scanning equipment. Dr Raj Patel will put you at ease. He is highly professional dentist. I have no problem in recommending Dr Patel and the rest of the Mint team.



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