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Boutique Whitening

Stained, yellow, darkened or discoloured teeth? There’s no need to be embarrassed. Change the colour of your teeth up to 9+ shades with Boutique Whitening. 

  • Only trained dentists can supply Boutique Whitening

Teeth whitening is a safe and straightforward procedure that hundreds of our patients undergo annually. 

Boutique Whitening, in particular, is a well-known, familiar teeth-whitening brand that provides excellent results quickly.

Millions of patients worldwide have used Boutique Whitening to lighten their teeth and rate it as one of the best professional teeth whitening experiences, maybe because it’s 60 times stronger than non-professional products!

Boutique Whitening kits are one of the most effective and longest-lasting whitening agents in today’s dentistry. And as the product is only allowed to be stocked and supplied by dentists, you can trust its effectiveness and power.

So, if you’re a potential patient exploring which type of tooth whitening you want to pursue, then Boutique Whitening should be a significant contender.

Boutique whitening information

How long does whitening take?

It will depend on the type of system you choose. Typically most treatments take two weeks to work.


How much whiter will my teeth be?

We can lighten teeth up to 18 shades. However, most cases can expect their teeth to be lighter by 5-7 shades.

How long will the effects of whitening last?

Teeth can remain whiter for up to three years and long-term with regular top-ups.

Boutique Whitening types & kits

There are various Boutique Whitening kits and products, but the two main products are the Boutique Whitening by Day and Boutique Whitening by Night kits.

When choosing the Day option, users must wear their custom trays for 1.5 hours for the treatment to work effectively.

For the Night kit, patients will need to apply the gel to the tray and wear it overnight to gently and effortlessly revitalise the appearance and colour of their teeth.

  • Boutique by Day: Fast-acting, hydrogen peroxide formula requiring 90-minute wear time.
  • Boutique by Night: Wake up and smile. Using 10% carbamide peroxide limits sensitivity or 16% for non-sensitive teeth and fast results.
  • Boutique B1 Guarantee Kit: Maximum strength using 16% carbamide peroxide gel that acts when you sleep. Shade 1 (lightest natural shade) is guaranteed.
  • Boutique Hybrid Pro: Double action gel that works overnight (4.25%) for gentle results.
How does Boutique Whitening work?

The powerful and effective whitening agent is supplied to the patient in convenient, home-based whitening kits, which allow you to lighten the shades of your teeth in private and on your own time.

Using the same ingredients that dentists use in professional teeth whitening products (hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide), Boutique Whitening provides patients with a cost-effective kit that includes a syringe, whitening gel, and a custom-made whitening tray.

Treatment instructions (steps)
  • Step 1: Brush and clean your teeth
  • Step 2: Place small beads on the surface of the whitening tray (filling halfway up)
  • Step 3: Position trays over teeth and press down firmly into place
  • Step 4: Press on the surface to disperse the gel
  • Step 5: Remove any excess gel that’s seeped onto the gums with tissue
  • Step 6: Rinse out the mouth with water (be careful not to swallow)

Once you’ve worn your trays for the allotted time, brush your teeth and clean your whitening trays with cold water and a soft brush.

See full instructions on Boutique Whitening’s PDF here.

What should I avoid after having my teeth whitened?

Avoid staining products like tea, coffee and wine to ensure your smile dazzles for longer.

Is the treatment safe? Does it hurt?

The treatment is safe and pain-free – however, as explained below, some sensitivity can be experienced.

Are there any risks to be aware of? The most common side effect of tooth whitening is sensitivity (gingival irritation). Only 25% of patients experience non-sensitive reactions, with the other 75% experiencing varying degrees. Therefore, if you are experiencing severe sensitivity, there are protocols in place to adapt the strength of your treatment.

You'll need a consultation first

However, we always recommend booking a consultation with us to see which type of tooth whitening agent will work best for your condition or to discover alternative, cheaper treatments that will perform just as well, if not better.
A consultation with a cosmetic dentist will help highlight if you’re a good candidate and if Boutique Whitening is the right system for you.

During your visit to our practice, we will assess the safest and most effective route to eliminate discolouration, yellow teeth and stains.

Start your journey to a whiter smile today – call 020 7928 4474.

Before and after Whitening

CostS from £275

Before After yellow teeth beforeyellow teeth after
Before After before whiteningafter whitening
Before After before tooth whitening treatmentafter tooth whitening treatment
Before After before whiteningafter whitening

Boutique Whitening Benefits – What Makes Them Different?

  • Boutique Whitening has won six major industry awards for the results it helps dental patients achieve.
  • A high-strength formula that lightens the teeth up to nine shades in two weeks
  • pH neutral to prevent tooth damage
  • Potassium Nitrate is integrated into the formula to help reduce sensitivity
  • Teeth stay hydrated during wear time due to a high water content
  • Patients can choose whether to wear their whitening trays during the day or overnight
  • Gentle formulation to work well for those suffering from sensitive teeth
Limitations to be aware of

With any procedure, there are going to be limitations. Boutique Whitening, for example, is not a “forever” treatment. Teeth will appear lighter and brighter for up to 12 months before the results begin to fade.

On top of this, as many adults benefit from tooth whitening procedures, it’s important to note that if you have poor gum health or extreme sensitivity, you should avoid tooth whitening treatments as they can be particularly irritating.



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