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Dental Implants – Extra Costs to Expect

October 9 2023

How Much Dental Implants Will Really Cost You

Thinking of getting dental implants? Doing a bit of research and trying to understand all of the costs before you reach out?

Dental implants will likely be your best missing tooth replacement as they replicate natural teeth well and are the most life-like prosthetic available in today’s market. Hence their cost.

However, with multiple websites detailing varying costs, from cheap to more expensive, getting yourself up to speed can be challenging. So, as dental implant dentists, we’ll break it down for you so you know exactly what to expect before you proceed, and you’re aware of all the marketing ploys and hidden fees.

Beware of cheaper costs

Whilst dental implants are priced differently from practice to practice, you can expect a single dental implant to cost anywhere from £1,900-£3,000. Ours cost £2,950.

If you find dental implants priced cheaper than this, we advise proceeding cautiously, for example…

  1. Companies might advertise lower implant prices but make up for the prices elsewhere, such as consultations, scans, pre-prosthetic procedures, etc.
  2. Cheaper prices might also be just quoting the price of the implant itself and not including the cost of the abutment or the dental crown. For example, some practices might advertise implants costing from £1,100 but then charge £1,100 for the dental crown (this is common).
  3. If you’re looking at dental implants abroad and lured in by cheap dental implants, beware that these dental practices can charge lower fees due to the materials and the brands they use – as well as the dentist’s skill.

The costs of dental implants (real expectations)

The figures below include the price of the final restoration, whether it’s a dental crown, bridge, or denture.

Dive deeper into the costs of dental implants.

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Additional costs you should budget for

Below, we reveal some hidden dental implant fees you might not know. However, remember that not all will apply to your case and can be avoidable.

Consultation £75-£250

Dental practices like ours offer free dental implant consultations. But if you’re not already aware, it’s not with a dentist, but with a trained treatment co-ordinator, who will cover the types of implants, costs, process and timeline.

It’s a good first step if you’re not sure dental implants are the correct treatment. For example, they’re, more often than not, confused with veneers.

A consultation with a treatment coordinator will not involve the necessary scans you need to take to proceed with treatment.

So, it might be better to skip this process if you’re interested and pay for an implant consultation that will cover all of the above and, at the same time, assess your viability.

Here at Mint – we offer:

  • With dentist (general information): Free
  • With implant dentist (patient-specific information): £75

Our implant consultations are actually the cheapest you’ll likely find in London. Book now.

itero scanner

Hygiene clean from £67-£160

As gum disease does not create a habitable environment for your implants, your gums must be clean and healthy before placement because no one wants their dental implant to fail.

If you have severe gum disease, you might need to undergo periodontal treatments to help reduce and treat the condition to be a viable candidate. But in the case of a small bout of gingivitis, one hygiene appointment should be enough.

Our hygiene costs:

  • Hygiene treatment with hygienist – £67 per session (up to 30 mins)
  • With dentist – £115 per session (up to 30 mins) *Recommended

Bone grafts from £250-£900

Bone grafts can be common in missing teeth cases, where the patient has ignored gaps for some time. When tooth roots are not replaced, bone depletes in the jaw, causing facial sagging, movement and tooth loss.

However, as dental implants anchor into the jawbone, there must be enough density for your implant surgery to succeed. Otherwise, it will be loose and wobble. When undergoing your dental implant consultation, we will assess the density of the bone in the jaw with a CBCT scan to determine whether you need a pre-implant procedure like grafting to ensure you qualify for placement.

Learn more about bone grafts.

Sinus lifts from £600-£1,000

Sinus lifts go hand in hand sometimes with bone grafts. For example, in cases where you need a bone graft, you might not have enough room in the jaw, which would require a sinus lift to create extra space to pack bone into.

Learn more about sinus lifts.

Tooth extractions from £195-£350

In some dental implant cases, tooth extraction will be a necessary first step to remove failing teeth. This additional cost will depend on whether the procedure can be integrated with your implant surgery.

For example, if we can extract the tooth and place the implant immediately, there’s no additional cost. But in many cases, tooth extraction is required first. Then, we must wait for a healing period, meaning tooth extraction is a separate procedure.

Our tooth extraction costs begin from £195, but the price can vary depending on the size, number of teeth extracted, and complexity.

Sedation from £350 per hour

If the dental implant surgery concerns you, or you identify as an anxious or phobic patient, dental sedation is available, which will keep you conscious during your surgery but will mean you won’t feel any pain nor have much memory of the procedure.

Dental implants are available on 0% finance and on longer terms with interest-bearing APR over 24, 36, 48 and 60 months.

Affordable dental finance on all treatments over £995.00

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