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Complex Dentistry Cases

We Say Yes 9/10 Times!

Not every dental practice in London can claim that they are specialists or experts, but we can!

In fact, we’re not just experts in one field of dentistry but across several, which means our practice is used to making impossible dentistry possible.

Our dental specialists are often called on to give second opinions on patients exhibiting severely misaligned teeth or total tooth loss. A

nd any past complex patient could tell you that we provide innovative solutions, even in time-sensitive appointments.

Need an opinion from an expert? Call 020 7928 4474.

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What our dentists can do for your complex case

Our expert dental team understands that complex cases are not always defined by the procedures’ complexity but rather by the planning and the steps required to perform these procedures that avoid complications or risks.

Every day we successfully:

  • Save teeth from severe damage and tooth decay
  • Effectively treat and target periodontal disease and periodontitis
  • Move teeth out of unsuitable positions, rotate teeth or realign them correctly
  • Restore bone depletion or deterioration

Why our practitioners should be your first choice

  • 50+ years of combined experience in prosthodontics, implantology and periodontal work.
  • It will be impossible to pinpoint a complex case that Dr Patel could not treat – we’ve seen and dealt with it all.
  • Our clinic is fitted with advanced and modern technology and software that delivers better, faster, more accurate results.
  • 99.4% implant success rate.
  • A team of specialists that treat complex cases daily.
  • We offer professional consultant-level skills from diagnosing and identifying dental abnormalities to outcomes.
  • Want more than a single second opinion? Ask us about our joint consultations.

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Complex implant dentistry cases for missing teeth

Dr Bryar Koyi has treated hundreds of complex dental implant cases in the last couple of years, which has meant we have become one of the go-to referral clinics in London.

Our experience, skill, advanced technology, and specialist team are all factors of our clinical success.

As specialist dentists, we have the advantage of being able to say ‘yes’ when other local practices might tell you ‘no’.

So, if you’ve been led to believe that your missing teeth case is too complex, we’re confident that we can help.

For example, in cases of insufficient bone circulating at the implant site, we can devise a clear and concise treatment plan that can make the mouth stable and ready for implantation – not something every dentist can approach with a 99.4% success rate.

By completing further training in this area, our dentists can look at the bigger picture and assess oral difficulties from a broader technical perspective.

Ask us for a second opinion on All-on-Four, Sinus Lifts, Multiple Implants, Bone Augmentations and graftless procedures.

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Complex orthodontic cases for misaligned mouths

Dr Francesca Pantanali and Dr Dipesh Patel are the perfect orthodontic team. Dr Pantanali is a specialist orthodontist with far-reaching expertise in discreet and modern brace treatments, and Dr Patel is an expert oral surgeon with a particular interest in TMJ.

Both doctors are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care in state-of-the-art surroundings at Mint Dental in London (SE1).

Together, they have been helping complicated orthodontic patient cases achieve their goals of healthy and straight teeth.

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Complex cosmetic dentistry cases for a smile you can confidently show off

We can improve and transform even the most damaged smiles into natural and healthy works of art.

Cosmetic improvements to a smile have been associated with better mental and physical well-being.

Using our specialist skills, we can deliver bespoke smile makeovers that cater to your specific oral needs.

Not only can our cosmetic treatments deliver a reliable way of improving oral health and hygiene for your teeth and gums, but also self-esteem. See the results.

One step at a time

We cannot rush through the process when it comes to complex cases.

While we can provide fast and straightforward appointments, we will break up your treatment phases, which will allow our clinicians to correctly assess your condition as we progress through each stage of your treatment plan.

By approaching complex cases this way, we have found that patients feel more comfortable and happier with their progress.

For us, nothing is impossible, but certain complex cases may need greater skill and understanding to solve.

Start the process – get in touch.

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