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Treatment for pointed teeth

  • Canine teeth too long and feel like fangs next to incisors?
  • Canines sharper or pointer than usual?
  • Wish your smile was more even and straight?

Do you hate how your pointed teeth look? Don’t worry. 

Our cosmetic dentists in London can help make teeth appear more even and less sharp-looking with pain-free treatments that usually take an hour to complete.

Whether you want to explore non-invasive ways to alter the shape of your smile, or make more drastic changes that improve the entire smile’s colour, shape and size, we’ve got an array of cosmetic dental treatments that can change your life.

Our go-to cosmetic dentist, Dr X, who has worked on hundreds of pointy teeth, will first take the time to consult with you, plan your treatment, discuss your options and quote all of your costs. Together we can create a roadmap to a better-looking and functioning smile that lasts you for decades to come.

pointy teeth faqs

How much will it cost to fix pointed teeth?
  • Composite bonding from £295 per tooth
  • Composite veneers from £350 per tooth
  • Porcelain veneers from £800 per tooth
  • Tooth contouring from £295
What causes small pointy teeth?

Wondering “why are some of my teeth pointy?”, well several factors can be at play here. Pegged teeth are often caused by genetics. Peg lateral incisors occur when the second tooth on either side of the front teeth do not develop correctly, often resulting in a small, pointy, cone-like tooth. Other genetic conditions like Ectodermal dysplasia and Williams syndrome can also cause pegged teeth.

What are the procedures like for pointy teeth?

Dental treatments prescribed for pointy teeth are often procedures like composite bonding, which can be completed in an hour, chairside with no local anaesthetic. These procedures are fast, pain-free and safe for your teeth. 

In the case of tooth contouring or teeth reshaping, we will have to file some of the tooth to achieve a more harmonious size and shape.

What to consider before your treatment

The process of fixing pointed teeth is often a cosmetic choice, as treatment is not necessary to improve your oral health. That said, we’re cosmetic dentists, so we understand the effects that pointy teeth might have on you. Whether you have bad, uneven or even pointed teeth, it’s easy to feel insecure and afraid to reveal your smile.

As our job is to make you feel better about your smile, together, we can design a treatment plan that helps you to achieve your dream smile in an non-invasive, budget-friendly way.

From us, you can trust that you’ll receive an education and honest opinion about which type of treatment will work best for your smile. Book a consultation with us to start exploring your options.

How do you fix pointed teeth?

Bonding | Contouring | Veneers

The dental term for “pointed teeth” is pegged teeth, and there are three ways in which we can improve how they look:

  • Reshape and rebuild the tooth with composite bonding
  • Reduce and contour the tooth to blend with the rest of your smile
  • Place dental veneers to cover and conceal imperfections

Each of these three dental options is a simple cosmetic treatment, which we carry out every day at our clinic in London. 

Composite bonding is applied directly to the tooth in layers, keeping the underlying tooth healthy and intact, whereas contouring will remove some of the tooth’s structure to reshape the tooth. Both treatments cost from £295 per tooth and typically take an hour chairside to perform.

Our London clinic offers 0% finance over 12 months for patients wanting to spread the cost of their treatment to fix pointed teeth.

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