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Intravenous Sedation (IVS)

IV sedation is administered by certified specialists at our practice in Elephant & Castle, SE1. 

  • Combat dental phobia and anxiety
  • Feel relaxed and at ease
  • Remember little to nothing about the procedure

Dental fear is a common deterrent for patients visiting us. For these individuals, procedural sedation aids the completion of often necessary and life-changing treatments. 

IV sedation is the most recommended effective route to relieve patient anxiety – but it requires advanced training and education to administer. Dr Patel, our specialist oral surgeon and consultant administers all intravenous sedation at our dental clinic and is assisted by nurses trained in patient care and monitoring. 


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IV sedation information

Four main facts about IV sedation:

  • It will reduce your anxiety and make you feel more relaxed
  • Has sleepy effects making you more relaxed
  • You’ll be less aware of the procedure
  • It will result in total or partial loss of memory

We understand that for nervous patients, even undergoing IV sedation might be nerve-wracking, so we’ve listed our most common questions below to cover all the information you’ll need before booking an appointment. Together, we can achieve your treatment goals and make it a process you can experience better.

IV sedation, also referred to sleep dentistry or conscious sedation causes the patient to feel utterly relaxed to the point of being sleepy. IV sedation does not make you sleep but as it gives you a general sense of detachment, and relaxes your mind and body, most patients drift off during their procedure. 

There are different levels of sedation, which are detailed in the next section of this page – but mostly you’ll be conscious and responsive – this is so you do not lose vital protective reflexes like the ability to cough. 

After the procedure many patients find that they have little to no recollection of their treatment – no memory = no pain. 

Intravenous sedation is given through a small plastic tube, referred to as a cannula, which is put into a vein on the back of your hand. The insertion of the cannula is very fast and simple.

Dr Patel will administer small amounts of the drug over a period of time until you’re comfortable, sufficiently sedated and ready to begin.

Our sedation dentist will monitor you from the start of the procedure alongside experienced nurses trained in caring for patients under sedation. We’ll also be using medical equipment to record your pulse, blood oxygen levels and an on-going assessment of your breathing rate.

Once you’re sedated, we will be able to administer local anaesthetic to numb the area of surgery, which will be given slowly and carefully before the operation begins.

Following the operation, a small recovery window is required until the immediate effects of sedation begin to wear off.

Monitoring will still continue during this time and all relevant postoperative instructions will be discussed with your escort.

Once you’ve sufficiently recovered, you’ll be discharged home, where you should take it easy for the rest of the day.

The length of your sedation treatment will depend on the length of your operation or treatment. For example, a single implant would only require one hour of IV sedation, whereas full mouth procedures like All on 4 might take a bit longer. Learn more about dental implant healing.

By law, we must obtain the patient’s written consent to proceed with IV sedation. Before signing patients will be fully explained the risks, benefits and alternatives.

Levels of sedation

  • Minimal sedation: Drug-induced state where patients can respond to verbal commands. No respiratory or cardiovascular function is affected.
  • Moderate sedation/conscious sedation: Drug induced depression of consciousness, or dissociation as it more widely known, where the patient can still respond to purposeful commands.
  • Deep sedation: Drug-induced depression of consciousness where patients cannot be so easily aroused, but can respond to repeated stimulation.
  • General anaesthesia: Drug-induced loss of consciousness where patients are not arousable even by painful stimulation.

Alternatives to sedation are local anaesthetic alone or general anaesthesia. 

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IV sedation instructions

With intravenous anaesthetics, there are a few pre-operative instructions patients should follow and critical aftercare recommendations they must adhere to.

  • Patients must be accompanied to their appointment with a responsible adult who will be able to take them home after their operation and look after you for the next 24 hours. 
  • There’s no need to fast, but do not eat or drink up to three hours before your appointment. Make sure your last meal is a light, non-fatty meal.
  • No alcohol or recreational substances allowed on the day of the operation, on the lead up and 24 hours after.
  • Let the doctor and sedationist know of any changes to your medical history or daily medications.
  • Do not interrupt the taking of routine medications – we would have already checked these to see if they are suitable to use with the sedative.
  • Illness can affect your treatment so do let us know beforehand if you are feeling unwell.
  • Loose-fitting, comfortable clothes are recommended as well as flat shoes.
  • Fingernails need to be free of false nails or nail varnish.
  • Brush your teeth thoroughly before your appointment. 
  • You are to be escorted home by an escort and should be in a private car rather than public transport or the tube.
  • Make sure to take the rest of the day off and eat light, digestible food.
  • For the initial 24 hours after IV sedation do not drive, operate machinery, use domestic appliances or drink any alcohol.
  • Do not make any important decisions or sign any legal documents.


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Andrew Forysth
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Lucy MacCarthy
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Jack Bell
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