Experienced root canal treatment in Elephant & Castle

If you’re experiencing toothache, swelling and sensitivity to hot and cold, it may be that the inside of your tooth (the dental pulp) has become infected. Don’t ignore this – it’s likely these symptoms mean a root canal, or endodontic, treatment is required. If you think you need a root canal in Elephant & Castle, come and see us straight away and we’ll show you just how gentle the process can be.

Root Canal Treatment Process

Getting a root canal in Elephant & Castle

When tooth decay reaches the inside of your tooth, it can cause an infection that penetrate all the way to the root. If the early symptoms are ignored, it can lead to a tooth abscess which can be extremely painful. A root canal procedure will instantly eliminate the pain and save your tooth from being extracted. So how does it work?

First of all, you won’t feel any pain during a root canal treatment – it is carried out under local anaesthetic. The first stage of the procedure involves opening up the tooth so that the infected pulp can be cleared and medication placed in the canals. Once this is complete, the inside of the tooth is disinfected and then filled with a putty-like material called gutta percha, which seals against future infection. Most root canal procedures are usually completed with a dental crown, which brings your weakened tooth back to full function and protects against further decay.

If you need a root canal treatment, don’t panic. Dental technology has advanced so much in recent years that getting a root canal is now considered as routine as a filling.

Root Canal in Elephant & Castle
Root Canal Dentist - Endodontist

Your skilled root canal dentist in Elephant & Castle

Although all general dentists are qualified to carry out root canal therapy, here at Mint Dental, we’re fortunate to have Dr Pratik Shah on our team – a highly skilled dentist with a special interest in endodontics, or root canal therapy. This means that he has undertaken further training to perform root canal treatment and can accept even complex root canal cases – so you can rest assured that your tooth will be in experienced hands. The root canal procedure can take a few hours, but because we’ve equipped our surgery with the latest nickel titanium rotary files, we can reduce the time taken to complete your treatment.



Why would I need root canal treatment?

The causes of tooth infection are varied – deep decay due to cavities or gum disease, cracked fillings or crowns, and damage as a result of trauma, or even teeth grinding. Whatever the reason, a root canal treatment will prevent the need for tooth extraction and future costly treatments.

Does it hurt to get a root canal?

No. A local anaesthesia, or conscious sedation, is used, and it should feel no different to having an ordinary filling done.

Will I need to take time off work for a root canal?

You can carry on as normal once the anaesthetic has worn off, though the full healing period will take around a week – just be careful with what you eat, how you chew and maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine.

Why does the pulp need to be removed during a root canal treatment?

If the infected dental pulp is not removed, the pain and swelling will continue to intensify and you will ultimately lose your tooth. In serious cases, the infection can even cause injury to the jawbone. Root canal treatment eliminates the pain and saves your tooth.

What happens if I wait too long for root canal therapy?

If you ignore your symptoms or try and manage them with painkillers and put off seeing a dentist about your root canal treatment, you will put your smile at risk. The bacteria infecting the inside of your tooth will spread, infecting other teeth and even your jawbone. In avoiding a root canal for a single tooth, you may end up needing to have several teeth removed.

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It was my first visit to Mint Dental Clinic. I would just like to say that all the staff and Dentists with whom I have had contact have been friendly, helpful, sympathetic and understanding at what has been and still is a distressing and stressful time for me as a patien having toothache. The clinic is at least 200% better than my old clinic. Highly recommended if you need to visit a dentist for any reason.


Dr. Raj Patel was kind, fast and efficient but without rushing. I had a filling done on the lateral incisor which turned out great. I am a really sensitive when it comes to dentists but I had a comfortable time at this clinic. Everything was professionally handled from the reception to the after care. Keep on doing a good job!


y Aunt used services of this clinic and was extremely happy with the result. Prices were on the higher side (as in most places in London), however quality of the work was great. Her front tooth fell out and this clinic made a temporary implant to replace the missing tooth. She was also pleased with the services overall and the helpfulness of the staff.


I recently changed to Mint Dental after not being very impressed with my previous dentist. They were a great help, very friendly and made you feel comfortable. The teeth whitening service was excellent and I'm really pleased with the results. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.