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How to fix an underbite -
the easy way

Do your lower front teeth noticeably stick out? Do your lower teeth project out in front of your upper set? Unsure about your options and costs or seeking solutions that don’t involve traditional orthodontic devices like braces?

By collaborating closely with our patients to devise personalised treatment plans, we deliver better patient outcomes because we work with systems that don’t hinder confidence or self-esteem. 

So if you want to avoid options like braces to fix your smile, we can work together to find discreet cosmetic treatments that work best for you. Schedule your initial consultation today to take the first step towards achieving a confident, balanced smile.


Our dentists and orthodontists have worked on hundreds of underbite cases, and have effectively treated the condition using tailored solutions to correct each individual’s misalignment. 

What is an underbite?

what is an underbite

An underbite is a dental condition where the lower teeth protrude further forward than the upper teeth when the jaws are closed. This misalignment results in the lower jaw extending beyond the upper jaw, causing the lower front teeth to overlap the upper front teeth. 

What are the risks of an underbite?

Not treating an underbite can lead to functional issues like difficulty chewing, speech problems, and jaw pain, as well as aesthetic concerns. Underbites can vary in severity, with some cases requiring orthodontic treatment or even surgical correction to realign the jaws and achieve proper bite alignment for improved oral health and facial harmony.

Are braces necessary?

It depends on the bite. To realign the teeth and correct severe underbites back to a more ideal bite pattern, our dentists would likely recommend orthodontic treatment braces are the most effective way to address problems with the bite. However, if your underbite is not so complex, it can be treated with more discreet systems like Invisalign.

Dental Treatments for underbites

image of ceramic braces

Fixed braces

To move an underbite, your fixed braces will consist of brackets, power chains and wires that can move even the most challenging underbites. The devices will carefully apply consistent, yet gentle pressure that adjusts the teeth into their correct alignment. The archwire will first straighten, and then align the teeth.

photo of invisalign aligners


Invisalign has proven successful in fixing some underbites – however, severe underbites will require surgery paired with Invisalign. In mild and moderate underbite cases, clear aligners can correct an underbite and push the teeth and jaw into its correct position to align correctly with the rest of your smile. 



Dental veneers can successfully camouflage an underbite by changing the size and shape of the upper front teeth so that they occlude against the below front teeth. If your underbite is not skeletal or the result of an underlying jaw issue, and is only minor, then you would likely be a great candidate for dental veneers.