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Zirconia Crowns from £995

Mint Dental in Elephant & Castle, London offers zirconia dental crowns for just £82.91 per month. 

Zirconia is the most durable monolithic ceramic, which is more split-resistant and stronger compared to composites and glass.

Regardless of the reason why your tooth has become damaged, a dental crown will be essential for preserving your underlying tooth structure and relieving you from dental pain and toothache.

As go-to restorative dentists, we usually place zirconia crowns on patients who have severely worn down or missing teeth. Zirconia crowns in this respect not only improve the appearance of an uneven smile, but also greatly improve the balance, functionality, and oral health of your overall smile.

Whilst a zirconia crown won’t regrow your tooth, it will prevent further decay and infection from spreading as well as improving the appearance of the affected tooth.

Cost of zirconia

Discover the cost of zirconia crowns and how they compare to alternative restorations. More.

Pros & cons

We can tell you all the great things about zirconia crowns but what about the limitations? More.


Book an appointment from £50 to learn which type of crown will work best for your tooth. Book online.

Zirconia alternatives

See how zirconia crowns weigh up against alternatives like Emax. Discover Emax.

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Modern crowns are cheaper than you might perceive them to be

Thinking of metal or Porcelain Bonded Metal crowns to save money? They were only £25 cheaper. We would suggest choosing the dental crown that best serves your treatment specification. 

For example, if you’re protecting a heavily deteriorated back molar, zirconia might be better for its superior strength as well as aesthetic appeal.

Patients who wish to spread the cost of their dental crown treatment will be pleased to know that we offer 0% financing over 12-month terms for all our dental treatments costing upwards of £350. 

Purchasing a zirconia crown on 12 months of interest-free finance will cost just £82.91 a month.

Everything you need to know about zirconia crowns
  • Framework zirconia is best for anterior and posterior multi-unit bridges.
  • Full contour zirconia for monolithic restorations.

One of the newer materials for dental restorations, zirconia crowns, or more specifically, zirconium oxide is a type of ceramic crown that’s stronger than porcelain (and even some metal alloys).

One benefit of a zirconia crown is that it gets fewer sharp edges from normal wear and tear issues that arise over time – plus, they don’t cause as much stress or damage to opposing pieces as their alternative counterparts.

To make the crown more life-like, the versatile material is often masked with porcelain or glass making it almost impossible to tell the difference between the crown and a natural tooth.

Typical uses of zirconia crowns
  • Protecting weak teeth and preventing fractures and tooth loss.
  • Keeping a tooth together when it’s about to fall apart.
  • To approve the overall appearance of your smile.
  • Capping misshapen, yellow or discoloured teeth.
  • To cover large fillings or root canals.
  • As a final restoration for dental implant treatment.

Why choose a zirconia crown?

  • The properties of zirconia hinder the cracking or chipping of surrounding teeth and the ones lying underneath.
  • Zirconia has a better shielding capacity, which means it can withstand higher loads and biting forces without the need to compromise the integrity of your smile.
  • Zirconia is much more gentle with other teeth.
  • The material is not so easy to match with real teeth and will require additional coating.
  • Longevity will depend on oral care but typically durability is expected to be between 5-15 years.

The fastest and easiest way to check if a zirconia crown will work for you is to have a consultation with our restorative dentists like Dr Imran, who can assess your smile and help lower the chances of needing further restorative procedures in the future.

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