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Get the perfect wedding smile

March 22 2019

Wedding Smile Makeovers that don’t cost the earth

Country or city, traditional or modern – every wedding is unique, but the one thing all couples agree on is the need to capture that special day on camera. So it’s no surprise that we receive regular requests for cosmetic dental treatments before many London weddings.

Our best advice? When it comes to the perfect wedding smile, whether you’re a bride, groom or guest, it really pays to prep. So here’s our countdown to the perfect wedding photo op.

12 months to go: discuss a smile makeover

You have said YES and the venue is booked. Next? Before you get deliciously lost in detail on Instagram and Pinterest, have a think about the bigger picture – or rather, the picture; the one you’ll cherish for years to come.

If you don’t smile with confidence, come into Mint Dental for a consultation. We’ll listen to your concerns and hopes, and advise you on the treatments that will deliver your smile makeover. This could be a simple whitening procedure, orthodontics, or a variety of approaches, including implantsveneers or crowns.

9 months to go: start straightening

At Mint Dental in London, we’re proud to offer the world-class Invisalign system, ideal before a wedding because it works fast and is almost invisible. Focusing on problems with the front ‘smiling’ teeth (rather than bite issues, which may require fixed braces), Invisalign treatments are typically completed in around nine months, though this will vary with each individual case.

6 months to go: overhaul your hygiene

You can’t have a picture-perfect smile that isn’t a healthy smile – and for this, regular visits to your hygienist are essential. At Mint Dental, we offer the latest air polishing system for an enhanced deep-clean that leaves teeth stain-free and shiny white.

As well as cleaning the areas your toothbrush misses, we’ll also advise you on the best products and techniques to use at home. We can even help with overhauling your lifestyle, with qualified advice on nutrition and smoking, tailored to your needs. Hygiene appointments are recommended every six months, so have one now and another just before the big day.

3 weeks to go: get whitening

Professional teeth whitening by a dentist is the only way you can legally and safely access the higher-strength bleaching gel you need to get the results you want. Over-the-counter whitening treatments, like toothpaste and strips, use a much lower concentration of active ingredient, which often yields disappointing results.

We are near Waterloo so perfect for commuters

Getting your teeth whitened at Mint Dental is gentle and cost-effective. Instead, we use the Boutique bespoke whitening system, which uses prescription whitening gel to wear custom-made bleaching trays at home over two weeks.

Once your whitening is complete, keep your trays for top-up treatments in the future.

1 hour to go: employ your secret weapon

To avoid a photo fail: floss.

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