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Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a long-term solution for the replacement of missing teeth.

A bridge is a fixed prosthetic device that we place in a gap to restore the classic look and function of the teeth.

Bridges replace sections of missing teeth and help to support remaining teeth and keep them in their proper position.

Bridges are a long-term solution that can help prevent the cycle of problems that occur when just one tooth is missing, such as shifting and drifting of remaining teeth.

Unlike dentures, a bridge is not removable, giving increased support and stability within the mouth.

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What is a dental bridge?

When a lost tooth or teeth are replaced with bridgework, the teeth on either side of the gap must be crowned to serve as reinforced anchors to hold the bridge in place.

Like dentures, we can also use dental implants to secure a bridge. An implant-retained bridge is preferable for many patients as it eliminates the need for the dentist to fit crowns to the adjacent teeth.

Why do I need a dental bridge?

You may need a dental bridge if you have lost teeth through injury or infection. An exposed gap in your mouth can make it more difficult for you to enjoy food, affecting your smile and the shape of your face. Missing teeth can also make the surrounding teeth susceptible to moving, causing bite issues.

A dental bridge is a natural-looking solution.

What is a bridge made of?

Typically, a dental bridge consists of porcelain teeth fused to metal, ensuring the prosthesis looks as natural as possible in the mouth. The material is strong, durable, and designed to function like a regular tooth.

There are also gold and zirconia bridges available. All options will be discussed during your examination, with the benefits of each material explained.

How will my dentist fit my bridge?

You can expect your bridge treatment to take place over two appointments. At the first appointment, your dentist will administer a local anaesthetic and prepare your anchor teeth for fitting with dental crowns. The crowns bolster the anchor teeth, providing extra strength and stability for your bridge.

Your dentist will then take digital 3D impressions of your mouth using the revolutionary iTero® intraoral scanner. This improves our precision and accuracy through highly detailed images of the surfaces of your teeth and gum tissue enabling us to customise your bridge more precisely. As a result, your restoration will feel and look more like a natural tooth.

A temporary bridge will be placed between this appointment and your fit appointment.

Between your first and second visits, a dental laboratory will produce your bridge using a mould of your teeth and gums. Your dentist will fit your bridge and cement it at your second appointment.

Can I remove my bridge?

A bridge is a long-term solution, and you won’t be able to remove it. However, while the bridge may feel unfamiliar initially, you should become used to it after a couple of days of wear. It certainly shouldn’t cause you any discomfort, so you will have no reason to want to remove it.

What are the benefits of a dental bridge?

A bridge is an excellent method of replacement for missing teeth. Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, it can avert other complications related to tooth loss, such as the undesirable shifting of neighbouring teeth, difficulty speaking and chewing, and infections of the exposed gum tissue.

How should I care for my bridge?

Pay extra attention to your dental bridge when brushing and flossing, and make sure you are also cleaning the surrounding gum tissue carefully at least twice a day. Also, visiting the hygienist regularly will help.

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