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Oral health is essential for everyone, and as dental practitioners, we use innovative methods to ensure our patients receive the most effective hygiene treatments available.

Airflow tooth polishing is a relatively new concept designed to remove plaque and stains from the teeth, for a brighter smile.

How does airflow tooth polishing work?

Airflow tooth polishing releases a mixture of water, air, and a special cleansing powder which works to clean the teeth quickly and effectively.

It is a time-saving, highly efficient method that delivers satisfactory results with minimal discomfort, as the instrument makes no contact with the teeth. The treatment lasts no more than 3o minutes.

What are the benefits of airflow tooth polishing?

Airflow tooth polishing is effective and efficient. It is a fast, simple and yields great results.

Those who suffer from sensitive teeth do not need to worry as there is no direct contact between the instrument and the teeth and gums.

If you are a nervous patient or suffer from dental anxiety, it may reassure you to know that airflow tooth polishing causes no discomfort. Overall, the treatment is a subdued and calm experience, and you can pause if you need to.

How does airflow tooth polishing differ from traditional polishing methods?

Airflow tooth polishing is quick and efficient, and it causes little to no discomfort.

Not only is airflow tooth polishing a faster procedure but is it also far more effective than the traditional alternative. It removes plaque and stains more thoroughly, ensuring satisfactory results every time.

Airflow tooth polishing can also provide excellent preparation for other treatments like teeth whitening.

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