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Now Accepting New Private Patients

Register as a new private patient today for only £95

The comprehensive new patient exam is tailored to your needs. Your concerns and goals will be integrated into our carefully designed assessment to examine all areas of your oral health

This includes:

1. A detailed discussion of your vision for your oral health and smile, any concerns about your oral health, past treatments and experiences. This will allow us to give you tailored advice throughout the exam and address any phobias you have.

2. Oral cancer screening where we will look for signs of lumps and bumps around your head and neck. If spotted early there is a very good chance it can be treated without lasting issues. This is an overlooked area at many practices.

3. We will assess your jaw joint , facial muscles and how these may be affecting your teeth. Your teeth will be assessed for decay, wear and tear. A gum health check will be carried out. We will then assign you with a risk category for Oral Cancer, Decay, tooth wear and Gum disease.

4. Radiographs will be carried out to detect early issues and two intra-oral X-rays are included

5. High resolution Clinical photos and 3D scans will be taken as part of the exam to show you what the dentist is looking at. This will allow for better understanding of issues which are currently symptom free, but could lead to expensive dental treatment and pain

6. A bespoke plan will be created from the above to treat your dental needs in line with your personal vision and budget. We will provide a personalised focus on prevention on how to minimise the impact of your daily habits on your mouth. We shall show you techniques on how to best achieve this. This will be designed to reduce your risk categories.

7. With a fanatic team of specialists in house we can create care plans that can be completed to very high standards without the need of being referred elsewhere

8. An approximate time frame will be given for your treatment to be completed.

9. As well as an estimated cost of your treatment options provided including pay monthly finance options

Our experienced team of dentists will be available to answer any questions you may have in regards to your treatment.

We also offer late evening appointments.

Regular dental check-ups are proven to be key to preventing tooth loss and health problems.

When carried out around twice a year, a dental examination gives your dentist the opportunity to identify any underlying problems, sometimes using x-ray, that may cause problems in the future. In this way, minor treatment can be carried out to correct a problem before it becomes more difficult to treat. This is not only beneficial in terms of convenience, but also cost-effective.

Research increasingly points to a proven connection between oral health and general health. Because regular dental check-ups play an important role in preventing dental problems, they can also be considered to be crucial to reducing the risk of chronic health conditions connected with poor oral health – including heart disease, stroke, pneumonia and Type 2 diabetes, to name a few.


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