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Finding the best cosmetic dentist near me

How To Find The Very Best Cosmetic Dentist Near Me

October 11 2022

Cosmetic Dentists – Finding A Good One

This is a really good question.

Usually, what happens with cosmetic dentistry is that the patient asks their current dentist if they do dental implants, veneers and smile makeover-type treatments.

Most patients who attend a local dentist are there for general dentistry. This includes root canals, fillings, crowns and restorative and preventative dentistry techniques, not really what you would class as cosmetic dentistry.

When patients start considering cosmetic dental treatments, their first port of call is to ask their current dentist if this is something they can do and how much etc.

The answer (outside of NHS dentists) is usually yes, however, this doesn’t mean that your current dentist undertakes these treatments.

So, it’s time to look around.

Where to begin

“Can I speak to a dental practice near me that offers the treatments I want?”

Yes, you can. This is how to proceed.

Get the price!

A simple call to the practice to find the price of your treatment is the quickest way to determine if it’s affordable.

Most dental practices will offer finance and have a link to a finance calculator, which can give you an accurate monthly cost.

Once you have this information, the next step is to see if this treatment suits you.

If your teeth aren’t straight, you may be considering cosmetic braces. If you are missing a single tooth, then the dental implant is perhaps the best route to go down; however, if you miss multiple teeth, there are a whole host of options that might save you money in the long term.

Everyone’s teeth mouths and smiles are very different. To find the best cosmetic dentist near you, you really need to speak to the dentist direct.

It is possible to have virtual consultations. These are zoomed or video-based chats with the dentist or the treatment coordinator.

Can you get a smile assessment?

Another solution is to take photographs of your teeth and get a smile assessment.

Only a dentist can assess what treatments are necessary. Of course, the dentist would need to see you before proceeding.

However, he would have a very good idea on whether or not, for example, Invisalign or another type of invisible braces was suitable, or perhaps where a veneer would cover a small chip.

Dental prices near me

How do I know who the best cosmetic dentist is?

That is another really good question.

Every dental practice website will say that they are the fastest, the quickest, the cheapest, the most competitive/long-standing the list is endless. But are they?

One way of looking at who the better dentists are is to look at Google reviews (We have over 250!)or Trustpilot reviews.

You have to start somewhere. If the website looks good, the dentist is experienced, has a few hundred Google positive reviews, and the practice has existed for years, then there is a good chance that this is your best bet.

It is also best to look for practices that are nearby. This is because some treatments, like dental implants and Invisalign, take more than one visit.

How to proceed

Ask for a consultation, here at Mint Dental, we ensure this is as affordable as possible, so we organise it with our impressive TCO, who can educate you about the treatment before you decide to progress on a more serious note with a dentist.

What to ask:

  1. Ask for a smile assessment where you can attach photos of your own teeth.
  2. Ask for a quote on the price of the dental treatment you are interested in.
  3. Ask which dentist will be undertaking my treatment.
  4. Ask how long the dentist has been qualified and of their experience.
  5. Look at the reviews for the practice do any of them mention the dentist who is doing your treatment?

If you’re committed to the treatment, you can jump the queue and pay approximately £95 to see a dentist, hear their expert opinion, and discuss the x-rays they will take. It is money well spent. See our new patient offer.

Once you decide on the best dentist for you, it is time to proceed. We hope that it is, of course, Mint Dental Clinic. Call now for more information at 020 7929 4474

We hope you found this guide useful in outlining the best way of finding not only the most suitable dentist near you but also ensuring you get the right treatment you need.

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