Mint Dental Clinic offers dermal lip fillers as non-surgical, cosmetic treatments to restore volume and plumpness to your lips and enhance the shape of your mouth.

Dermal lip fillers can benefit people of different age groups with varying requirements. The ageing process can cause lip thinning or lines around the mouth. In some cases, patients may have naturally thin lips.

A dermal lip filler service or lip augmentation can be availed to:

  • Enhance the definition of the vermillion border
  • Add volume to the upper or/and lower lip
  • Reshape or restore the natural contours of the lip’s curvature
  • Upturn the drooping corners of the mouth
  • Fill the fine line and creases around the mouth

Our team of facial aesthetic practitioners can discuss your requirements, treatment expectations and attainable outcomes during a consultation. Based on the target areas that need alterations and the desired look, they will determine the amount of filler to be used to provide a natural look.

The dermal lip fillers can be injected directly into the facial tissues where the creases and lines have developed. The fillers contain specially formulated collagen which can deliver a subtle yet effective outcome. The effects of this treatment can last for a period of six to nine months and the procedure can be repeated to help maintain the results.

To book a consultation for dermal lip filler treatment and services, please contact our team on 020 7928 4474.

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It was my first visit to Mint Dental Clinic. I would just like to say that all the staff and Dentists with whom I have had contact have been friendly, helpful, sympathetic and understanding at what has been and still is a distressing and stressful time for me as a patien having toothache. The clinic is at least 200% better than my old clinic. Highly recommended if you need to visit a dentist for any reason.


Dr. Raj Patel was kind, fast and efficient but without rushing. I had a filling done on the lateral incisor which turned out great. I am a really sensitive when it comes to dentists but I had a comfortable time at this clinic. Everything was professionally handled from the reception to the after care. Keep on doing a good job!


y Aunt used services of this clinic and was extremely happy with the result. Prices were on the higher side (as in most places in London), however quality of the work was great. Her front tooth fell out and this clinic made a temporary implant to replace the missing tooth. She was also pleased with the services overall and the helpfulness of the staff.


I recently changed to Mint Dental after not being very impressed with my previous dentist. They were a great help, very friendly and made you feel comfortable. The teeth whitening service was excellent and I'm really pleased with the results. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.